Soul Origin open’s Store 80

LeaseWise proudly announce the opening of Store No 80 for Soul Origin at Galleria Food Court in Melbourne’s CBD.

The location as selected by Leasewise is the best in this food court encompassing the area between the main feeder corridor and the only lift foyer entrance to the 60 floor tower. We can select the best locations for our clients however it’s the clients who bring the site to life with perfect execution in this case. The quality and relevance of the display and the fitout is a testament to Soul Origin and their crew who bring it to life. Its immediate success can be measured from the response of customers who have made this opening bigger than Chadstone last year!!!

LeaseWise proud Property partners with Soul Origin look at this model with great interest as we have a store that will deliver sales equal to or higher than a shopping centre, for less rent than a prime shopping centre BUT over trading only five (5) days. This provides the Franchisee with a better lifestyle and more value for the business.


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