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The LeaseWise Group are specialist retail property consultants and tenancy advocates, representing small to medium sized retailers nationally since 1998.

Our reputation as the most active and trusted consultancy firm has been earned through experience in providing comprehensive leasing services across the country. Our team of dedicated Leasing Consultants and Lease Administrators have mixed backgrounds in various categories of retail property management, business management and commercial real estate.

Whether the task involves finding new premises, negotiating lease renewals, modifications, or settling a commercial dispute with your landlord, you can reap the rewards of the Leasewise team’s wealth of knowledge and experience, as we truly work as a team on each individual case.

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LeaseWise Team

Ange Kondos

Ange Kondos

Ange is the founding partner and Managing Director of LeaseWise, with over 20 years’ experience as a retail tenant advocate. Ange founded LeaseWise as an extension of the advocacy Lease Police in 2006. Ange has represented numerous retail brands and franchise groups in managing and growing their retail portfolios nationally. His focus is on assisting retailers in creating viable businesses and managing retail leases before a dispute or issue arises.

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Spiro Politis

Spiro Politis

Spiro has been working in private practice and corporate roles for over 25 years, most recently in financial services as well as running his own practice specialising in financial services, estate planning and sale and purchase of businesses.

Spiro has many years’ experience assisting clients to build assets, as well as mitigating losses when things turn bad. His expertise includes appearing at mediation of disputes.

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Ross Cassimatis

Ross Cassimatis

Ross joined Leasewise in 2016 and is now a Partner and General Manager. Ross brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him. He has a degree in Civil/Structural Engineering and has been involved with a number of successful Retail Franchise businesses over his professional career before moving in the role of property consultancy specialising in Retail Leasing and Tenant representation. This involves lease negotiations as well as dispute resolution with his focus being creating strategy and expansion modelling for retail brands across a range of categories for the purpose of creating sustainable and viable businesses. His broad knowledge and roles over the years allows the retailers visions to come to life by efficiently navigating through the process of site sourcing through to store delivery.

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Peter Kondos

Peter joined LeaseWise in 2016 in a part-time roll whilst completing his studies. After receiving his Bachelors of Business (Economics & Finance) in 2017, he has been working as a Leasing Consultant.

In this role he has managed & assisted retail and franchise groups across Australia to grow their brand portfolios as well as managing lease disputes when they arise. His experiences include finding new sites, lease renewals, market reviews and lease dispute resolution. Peter has a strong passion in assisting retailers in creating a sustainable and viable business and seeing them succeed.

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Steve Bozinov

Steve comes to us with extensive food & beverage and business to business sales experience. Having worked for the likes of Unilever, Glaxo SmithKline & Lion in various sales management & business development roles.

Steve is an accomplished retailer in his own right with an ownership stake in several stores including Billy's Kitchen, Miss Pickle and Cups n Cones.

He comes to us, keen to apply his experience and work with retailers and landlords alike to develop lasting sustainable relationships.

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