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The LeaseWise Group are specialist retail property

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medium sized retailers nationally since 1998.

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We are uniquely equipped to identify and secure a suitable site at rent levels which help to ensure a viable business.

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Whether you are being relocated within a shopping centre or want to explore your options, we can help you gain the best possible outcome.

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Renewing a lease can be one of the most difficult processes retailers face, our proven systems can assist in ensuring viable terms to maintain your business.

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After 17 years and over 500 dispute cases, we have the experience and settlement rates that are second to none in all jurisdictions in Australia.

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We can help you better manage your retail property portfolio to ensure you have the ability to be pro-active with leasing matters and store performance.

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LeaseWise can provide an assessment of your current retail portfolio or provide a one-off analysis using our specialised benchmarking tools.

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    Simon Griffin – Kitten D’Amour

    The 9th July 2018 was a day that I will never forget, it was the day that we were first introduced to Leasewise! From the moment LeaseWise started helping us with drawing up new leases, re-negotiating older leases and helping us , we saw a significant and extremely positive impact on our business.

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    Jim Stoupas – Founder Walkers Doughnuts

    Leasewise get it right every time. For any retailer to attempt to navigate the challenging world of retail tenancy without the support of Leasewise would be difficult at the best of times; but nowadays, would be fraught with almost insurmountable obstacles. Every dollar invested in Leasewise is multiplied many times over in returns.

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    Stephen Fanous Marketplace Fresh - Managing Director

    Ange and the team at Leasewise have proven to be committed to the success of our businesses. They specialize in ticking the right boxes which adds value to us as tenants – as well as our significant stakeholders, our landlords.    

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    David Cohen Matchbox - Managing Director

    Leasewise is a key partner for Matchbox and their skills in site selection, lease negotiation and dispute management have been critical in the successful rollout of our store network for the past three years. The experience and expertise that Leasewise have brought to Matchbox have saved us an enormous amount of time and money.

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    Kenneth Ip Breadtop - Director

    Leasewise is a professional team in lease negotiation and dispute management. In the past 10 years, Leasewise have provided excellent service by sourcing suitable locations with the best deal for Breadtop. This helps Breadtop expand continually in a challenging and competitive market.

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