Leasewise Market Update | EFY2017


               LEASEWISE MARKET UPDATE | EFY2017

What an interesting year and what interesting times lay ahead for us here at Leasewise.

We proudly share with you our data summary which includes the following headline numbers:


Here’s what has kept us busy:


We have welcomed new Retail Partners such as Market Place Fruit and Veg, Hudson’s, Zeus Greek Street, Harry’s Famous Schnitzel Joint amongst other brands at seed stage.

Our stable of thumpers like FFG (Billy’s, ENA and Espresso), Breadtop, Soul Origin, Jolly Miller, Green Palm and Matchbox all continue to grow. That is the most encouraging thing for everybody; growth.
The number of disputes continue to rise but that is to be expected in a tough market. We see the future for both retailers and landlords as bright for those who know what they are doing and bleak for those who don’t.
Bring it all on and let’s roll on toward 2018.

Enjoy our little gallery of some new store openings we have worked on as we continue to charge forward to bigger and better things.


We have also welcomed a new team member Luke Boesley who has fitted in like putting on a well-worn glove. Luke brings experience in both Project/Maintenance and Retail Leasing that was focused on Neighbourhood Shopping Centres. In his previous role he was responsible for strategy, budgets, project feasibility, specialty income and tenancy mix. Luke also has experience in Shopping Centre Management and has a strong background in Retail Management, he has worked for leading supermarket retailers over a 10+ year period. He also has a degree in Commerce and has developed many relationships with key retailers in the Shopping Centre industry. Welcome Luke!

We thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to
connecting with you again in our next Market Update.

The Leasewise Team

Other brands proudly represented by Leasewise:

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