Why LeaseWise?

I was walking through a Centre last week, Epping Plaza in Vic and stood in the busiest part of the mall. I looked up proudly and saw why our clients are happy with our service. Site selection is a big part of what we do, coupled with two (2) very important other elements:

  • The commercial terms of the lease
  • The client’s execution and the retail collateral it brings the location.


Tutti Frutti Epping


First up we have Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt. The Frozen Yoghurt bubble burst several years ago, however, these guys continue to trade. Why? They say ‘Location, location, location’ is the key to smart property investment, well, the same is true of retail leasing. We obtained the best corner location of the food court, commercial terms that still make sense (4 years later) and still meeting a market operationally.


Soul Origin Epping Retail Lease


Five (5) metres across from a busy food court and smack bang in the heart of the centre, we place Soul Origin. Great traffic flow, sight lines and a seating pod to own the space being maximised by this ‘best in category’ client. The positioning of the site breaks up the traffic flow beautifully at one of Epping’s busier entries and allows Soul Origin’s wonderful branding and product to do the rest as the centrepiece to this entrance.


Walker's Donuts Franchise Retail Lease


8 metres in front of the busiest Coles supermarket we placed Walker’s Doughnuts. Maximum impact within the heat bubble of customer traffic. This new site saw Walker’s experience their strongest 3 day open ever, with demand so high people were queuing for donuts. Again, the importance of location is huge here.


Walker's Donuts Construction



Walker's Donuts Retail Lease Open Queue



It is very satisfying to walk through a retail environment and get a visual impact of the success we assist our clients in achieving. Here at LeaseWise we assist our clients in creating wealth and maintaining it.


😊 Ange Kondos.