New Sites and Disputes

After having a healthy robust debate with a very senior Executive of one of the biggest Shopping Centre owners recently, I have realized that perceptions are a product of peoples’ selfishness or weakness when things do not suit them. The perception of course is that LeaseWise are too difficult because although we do many new deals, we are too tough (apparently) and we argue to assist retailers in disputes. At least this Senior Executive wanted to debate it and understand it, there are many that do not have the same transparency.

When you have completed over two decades of Tenancy representation and a decade of owner operator in retail you can look back, reflect and then be bemused by the industry and the way it operates. Ordinary people (those outside of retail) would often ask me what is it you do? I would say ‘retail tenant advocate’. trying to explain it resonated with some and didn’t with others especially when there was alcohol involved. I have now simplified it to two sentences:

  • We help create wealth in retail.
  • We help preserve wealth in retail.

Wealth is created in retail when a new site is created on commercial terms that give the business the best possible chance at doing this. Wealth is preserved in retail when a retailer is assisted on a renewal negotiation or when there is a dispute that threatens the retailer’s survival. Our DNA here at LeaseWise is quite fierce in the way we go about this. Many of the people within the Industry who are stayers get this and deal with it. There are some of course who are cowards and do not want to work too hard to get the best out of themselves or balance an outcome, that God forbid is actually for the greater long term benefit of both parties in a commercial relationship.

We love our retailers, we love what we do and ultimately we prevail.